The Weekly Waste Word

Here’s a new feature on Wasted Food. Barring any breaking news, I’ll post a quick tip or fact about home food waste every Monday.

This fact confirmed what I’d long feared–as much as 30 percent of the egg white stays with the egg shell. While I came across this message on a hint sheet for restaurants, the info may be useful for home cooks. The guide advises buying pre-shelled eggs (which would also reduce packaging waste). If you’re cracking the eggs yourself, you can put a little time into scraping that last bit out of the egg.

Since I just learned this from the same restaurant guide, here’s a bonus tip:

Never store tomatoes and lettuce in the same container or close to each other. Tomatoes emit a gas that will turn lettuce brown.


Announcer (in full public radio voice): This has been “The Weekly Waste Word,” brought to you by the Don’t Quit Your Day Job Guild and the Department of Shameless Self-Promotion, who proudly present the Replate Trash-Top Unit 2.0 

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