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Rocky Closing

Restaurants certainly throw away their share of food. From making too much food to overordering, their dumpsters are full of food that should either go to the hungry or be composted. A recent article in Akron, Ohio’s The Beacon Journal brought to light a special circumstance that often elevates food waste–restaurant closings. While occurring far less […]

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Hunger Stamps

Wasted food wouldn’t be as significant of a problem if there weren’t people without enough to eat. But there are and probably always will be. Throughout human history, hunger has persisted. Even today, when the U.S. has the means to marginalize it–imagine if we spent as much on ending hunger as we did on our defense budget–we don’t. […]

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Ends Justified

Ever wonder what happens to those sub roll ends that are cut off in the making of your sandwich? If you guessed “thrown out,” you’d be correct…until recently! David Krasner and Mike Teunis, both 16 and Quizno’s employees in Frederick, Md., witnessed this common form of wasted food every day they worked at the sub shop. As […]

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Boxing Out Composting

It should surprise no one that San Francisco leads the way in food composting. The city offers green bins that sends household and restaurant food waste and yard trimmings to Jepson Prarie Organics in Vacaville, Calif., where they are composted. Combined with the regular, blue recycling cart and the black, garbage cart, participating San Francisco homes have three receptacles. In Oxford, England, […]

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Beach (Food) Rescue II

I recently wrote about A Second Helping, an operation that takes food donations from those departing vacation rentals on the N.C. Coast. Well, I just heard from John Hodges, who started 2nd Loaf, the food recovery operation that begat A Second Helping. Hodges’ group, a ministry from the Little Chapel on the Boardwalk, operates at Wrightsville Beach, N.C. […]

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Student Work

With graduation in the air (colleges, at least), I thought I’d share this school-related story. I recently corresponded with a ninth grader named Kristin on the topic of food waste. She was writing a social studies paper on hunger and waste, and she contacted me after finding this site. This was the second time a high schooler had written me […]

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Kong-sized waste

Hefty plate waste after eating out isn’t just an American specialty. Thanks to its abundance of restaurants and hotels, wasted food comprises one third of Hong Kong’s landfill space. (The US average is about 12 percent.) To reduce their food waste, local eateries have implemented an interesting idea–fining buffet diners for uneaten food. Voice of […]

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Stamp Out Hunger

It’d be silly to blog on food waste without talking about helping the hungry. To wit: Stamp Out Hunger. Thanks to this neat idea now in its 15th year you don’t even have to leave your house to help those less fortunate. Just leave non-perishable food items in a bag beside your mailbox this Saturday and your letter […]

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Cape Breton Curbside Composting

In a bit of food waste news, Cape Breton is starting to compost its household food scraps. On Monday, the Cape Breton Regional Municipality began the widespread delivery of green bins for separating all organic waste from regular trash. We here at WastedFood applaud the move to divert wet, heavy food waste and all organic materials from […]

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Call for photos

All you would-be Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bressons and Peter Parkers, this post’s for you. To include more interaction on the site, I’m asking you to send in photos of food waste. They could be from your personal experiences or things you’ve seen out there in the world. Please e-mail pics of whatever you think falls under the […]

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