Memorial Day

It being Memorial Day and the unofficial start of summer, I thought I’d pass along these general environmental tips for a summer cook out. Whether it’s today or the months to follow, it’s worth considering the article’s suggestions.

As for the article’s food waste tip–compost it–I wish the piece had encouraged barbecuers to not cook too much food and/or save the leftovers. Composting should come only after exhausting those two options.

More in keeping with the purpose of today’s holiday, I hope you’ll read this column celebrating the life of Albert Drapeau. The World War II veteran from Seekonk, R.I., spent eight months in a German prisoner of war camp. There, POWs had little to eat: “a sixth of a loaf of bread per day, and a small bowl of what the Americans called “grass soup.”

In his civilian life, Drapeau didn’t forget his struggles. Here are his comments from an interview for a previous newspaper article:

To this day I detest the sight of food being wasted. The sight of hungry people, particularly young children, bothers me. Whenever possible I volunteer some time to help the hungry in soup kitchens. Having been hungry for only a few months was an experience I will carry with me forever.

On this Memorial Day, while we’re honoring the deaths of soldiers past and present, let’s remember Al Drapeau’s words. 

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