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This Fall, I participated in an amazing Feeding the 5,000 event at UNC Chapel Hill. The organizers, Carolina Dining Services, spent weeks, if not months, preparing for this meaningful day of action. The organizers, led by Ryan Moore, gleaned sweet potatoes, sought out wonky produce, and bought bycatch fish that would otherwise have been squandered. […]

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Lovin’ It

When I was first doing the calculations about the volume of food America wasted every day–the stuff that would eventually become the first sentence of my book–I couldn’t imagine that that Rose Bowl image would end up in one of those cool whiteboard animation projects. Well, it has: More importantly, the video highlights the wonderful work […]

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Images on Excess

I’m a big fan of infographics, and adding moving (info)graphics does nothing to diminish the impact of this one, made by visual.ly:

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A Cucumber’s Tale

This Wall Street Journal video provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the journey to bring Indian produce from farms to consumers. In making this vicarious trip along the supply chain, we glimpse some less-than-ideal handling practices. From unrefrigerated (and often uncovered) transport to bumpy roads to poor storage, the video illustrates the differences between the food […]

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Who Needs Morning Edition…

…when there’s NPR’s Intern Edition?? The end-of-summer web collection of  intern-produced radio content produced some excellent segments. To wit: I tweeted about this piece last week, but I’m embedding the audio slide show because it’s just that good. The photos alone tell a story about food recovery and food waste. And the (intern) journalist Alexandria […]

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