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Don’t Waste ‘World Food Day’

Today is World Food Day, and this year’s theme is “Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition.” That’s not quite the same thing as food waste, but it’s really close. It’s a good opportunity to think about how fortunate most of us are to have regular access to food and to try to make […]

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Visualizing Food Waste’s Footprint

Courtesy of the UN FAO, here’s a nice overview of the environmental footprint of food wastage*: * Note–‘Wastage’ includes both waste and loss. All the food produced but not eaten, globally.

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Gulf Coast Sustainable Food Plan Addresses Waste

In the wake of recent disasters, the Mississippi Gulf Coast communities came together to create a plan for sustainability. One aspect of the plan centers on food and one particular document provides a Recipe for a Sustainable Coast. That study, much to my delight, lists the amount of wasted food as a major obstacle to […]

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TED Talks Waste

TED Talks are almost always captivating, but here’s one that’s actually related to food waste. Very related. British chef/restaurateur Arthur Potts Dawson discusses his approach to sustainability–both with food waste and otherwise–at his restaurants Acornhouse and Waterhouse. Some highlights, for me: I basically created a menu that allowed people to choose the amount and the […]

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