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Let’s End Hunger

I consider most wasted food to be a lost opportunity to curb hunger. As a result, that should provide motivation to trim the former to chip away at the latter. Now. In light of the holiday season, SNAP cuts going into effect and the movement for fair wages for fast food workers, it’s high time […]

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Hunger’s Place in the National Consciousness

Arriving just in time to raise the profile of hunger in America, the documentary A Place At the Table is now out in theaters and, in some cable systems, on demand. Please see it! In addition to the film, it’s a campaign. The main site forĀ A Place at the TableĀ links to a related book, news […]

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Visiting Food Bank Estonia

I am currently in Estonia for the Clean World Brainstorm organized by Let’s Do It! I’m honored to be one of 50 or so waste thinkers from around the globe here to brainstorm about how to reduce waste and clean up the planet. I’ll report back on our progress in a few days. Yesterday, though, […]

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Face the Facts–Waste and Hunger Both Too High

After last week, it must be infographic season! Here’s another great one, this time from Face the Facts USA. I like how the non-partisan myth debunkers linked waste and hunger. And, visually, seeing America’s annual waste fill 91 Empire State Buildings really communicates just how much food we squander. Nice job, folks!

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Peachy Keen

New Jersey peach producers usually throw away about a million cosmetically-challenged (blemished) peaches every year. This year, they’ve decided to do something about it. Eastern ProPak, a N.J. growers collective, has teamed up with the Food Bank of South Jersey and Campbell’s Soup to create a peach salsa from unsellable fruit. The result is Just […]

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Friday Buffet

It’s heartening to see Congress fight hunger and obesity while supporting local foods (even if it’s sad that it took them this long). All good news, right? Well… About half of the $4.5 billion cost is financed by a cut in food stamps starting in several years. In your best Jon Stewart voice: Wha-wha-what?!? So […]

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Friday Buffet

More fallout from Monday’s topic of energy lost in food waste. In her Discover blog, Sheril Kirshenbaum asks ‘how do we change attitudes and behavior on waste?’ Well, I hope it starts with a book. — — Not that you’d ever think of wasting peanut butter, but just in case…here are 10 other uses for […]

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