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This Fall, I participated in an amazing Feeding the 5,000 event at UNC Chapel Hill. The organizers, Carolina Dining Services, spent weeks, if not months, preparing for this meaningful day of action. The organizers, led by Ryan Moore, gleaned sweet potatoes, sought out wonky produce, and bought bycatch fish that would otherwise have been squandered. […]

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Brand New Bycatch Bylaw

Last week, I touched on bycatch–fish caught unintentionally while trying for a different species–as a major source of seafood waste. One thing I neglected to mention is that quotas and regulations often make it difficult for fishermen to sell (or donate bycatch). That’s why the new Oregon law allowing the use of what are currently called […]

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Big-time Bycatch

When it comes to food waste in the seafood industry, the key buzzword is bycatch. That term represents the creatures caught as a byproduct when fishing for another type of seafood. And the numbers are shocking–as much as half of fish caught in the Europe are being thrown back into the ocean, dead. This bycatch occurs […]

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Friday Buffet

Here’s a Change.org petition from my pal Jeremy Seifert and the guys behind Dive! to get Trader Joe’s to stop wasting food. — — Here are some tips for using leftover food, all the way from down under (NZ). — — Staying in New Zealand, the government just honored a company diverting food waste to […]

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