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Friday Buffet

Santa Barbara has had a commercial composting pilot program for the last two years. Now they’ve hired a consultant to ascertain whether or not people think it’s ‘yucky.’ My guess: yes. My hope: no. — — The idea of going fridgeless is interesting. While I fear it could mean more food waste, which could undo […]

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Collegiate Soft Count

Saint Mary’s College of Indiana recently weighed food waste at a meal, as you can see in this local news report. They got 268 pounds, which means absolutely nothing without some context like the number of students. I thought it’d be fun to try to figure that out. So…1,628 St. Mary’s students x 81 percent […]

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Shopping Day(s)

With a baby arriving any day now (my wife is past her due date), I’ve been hesitant to do much meal planning. I don’t want to be in the hospital fretting about that whole chicken in the fridge. As a result, I’ve been grocery shopping on a day-to-day basis. I have to say: it’s not […]

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Bull(dog)ish on Waste

Ever vigilant in the face of enviromental challenges, the editorial board at Yale’s student paper doffed their top hats and canes and tried out this trayless business. Their conclusion: “Keep Trays in Dining Halls.” These are obviously bright people, which makes it even more puzzling that after recognizing the environmental benefits of traylessness, they’d choose […]

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Super Food Recovery

Wow–quite a Super Bowl, with the outcome in doubt until the last play. One thing that wasn’t up in the air was Super Bowl food recovery. In keeping with tradition, the NFL Environmental Program and volunteers from the Tampa Bay host committee recovered food from the events leading up to the game and the game […]

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