Friday Buffet

At last–a peer-reviewed analysis of trayless dining! Two American University researchers found that removing trays at their all-you-can-eat cafeteria cut food waste by 32%. What’s more, diners use 27% fewer dishes, leading to water and energy savings.

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As we learn here, cutting food waste would go a long way toward making our food system more sustainable. And I’ll be speaking at the Sustainable Foods Summit in January where the issue will be a main focus.

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This post considers theĀ economic impact of US food waste. At the retail and consumer level alone it’s $165 billion.

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Finally, there’s a slightly better chance that Massachusetts residents can compost their holiday leftovers (but not the edible kind, of course) this year, after the state tweaked permitting rules in late November to encourage composting and anaerobic digestion facilities.

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