Avoiding That Sinking Feeling

Funky things are happening with the plumbing down under. While I’m still reeling from the clockwise/counter-clockwise toilet flush hoax, Southern hemisphere inventors have moved on. Two recent creations offer solutions to the inefficiency of washing food down the drain.

First, a 9-year-old New Zealand boy invented a contraption that allows you to dump food waste into a compost bin via your kitchen drain. This allows composting without the minor inconvenience of collecting the food waste in a pail and bringing it to your bin.So easy anyone can use it!  (photo by Myles! via Creative Commons)Now comes word of the removable sink. While the primary purpose of this Australian creation is to conserve water (always a good thing), it helps with food waste, too.

After washing the food off dishes, you can remove the sink to water plants with the runoff. Nutrients from the bits of food in the water will only help nourish the plants. And it shouldn’t attract pests because only really small food particles will fit through the strainer.

Overall, it’s like turning your sink into a rain barrel, only indoors and you control the “rain.”

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