Dispose All?

Many of you have written in to ask about a common household appliance: garbage disposals. Specifically, do disposals provide a positive solution for the inevitable household food waste?

Recently, Slate‘s Green Lantern examined whether it’s better to put food waste in the trash or zap it with your power ring a garbage disposal.

photo by Paco Lyptic via Creative CommonsFor those who don’t plan to read the short piece, I’ll give this away: composting trumps both.

Personally, I just moved into a house without a disposal a few months ago. I’d lived most of my life with one, but it’s not as difficult as I had feared to transfer the little bits of food waste from the drain basket to my nearby compost bucket.

That said, small items like rice and cous cous can slip down the drain. Even more reason to use every last grain!

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