Friday Buffet

Don’t waste bananas–they might not be around much longer (at least not at $0.49/lb.)

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This just in: Australians waste $6 billion worth of food. Maybe it’s time Aussies *not* ‘put an extra shrimp on the barbie.’

Apparently those in the Australian capital of Canberra waste the most. Fortunately, Australia’s first food recovery operation, OzHarvest, operates there, in addition to Sydney.

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Time magazine recently ran a nice summary of the San Francisco curbside food scraps collection.

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Rising food prices are encouraging individuals and restaurants to waste less (at least in Wilmington, N.C.). In the article, James Bain, executive chef at Wilmington’s Dockside Restaurant, sounds like he’s rehearsing for a guest post on this site:

The rubber spatula is the most important piece of equipment. Every bucket of sauce must be completely emptied. Wasting food is a pet peeve of mine and also a sign of a poorly run restaurant.

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Finally, if I read this correctly, every ton of food waste has the same impact on global warming as a London-New York flight.

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