Friday Buffet

Seattle never ceases to amaze. The Seattle Food Recovery Initiative is doing wonderful things, including this Hunger Map that encourages and facilitates food donations. The map has helped restaurants like the Capitol Grille do their part.

— —Wesleyan's College Row

Here’s an insightful Hartford Courant editorial, which, I couldn’t help but notice, notes that my alma mater, Wesleyan University, is composting its food waste.

— —

While we’re doing editorials, here’s a call to waste less food from China. It’s well done and carries a good deal of weight, given the devastation there.

— —

Finally, here’s a tale from a responsible, determined food recycler. Of course, it helps to live in the UK where you can have a company pick up your industrial-scale food waste for delivery to an anaerobic digester….but still.

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