Friday Buffet

In a town near Vancouver, curbside compost collection is attracting bears, which, sadly, usually doesn’t end well for bears. Mixing newspaper in with the compost or keeping food scraps in the freezer before collection are two suggested solutions…

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The Stop Food Waste campaign run by the Irish EPA found that 30% of what Irish families buy is wasted. That means Ireland is (very) unofficially 3% less wasteful than the Brits, which will hopefully cause at least one celebratory pint to be hoisted.

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Somewhat disappointingly, the article “ORCA COMES TO PHOENIX CONVENTION CENTER” ended very differently than I first imagined. (The all-caps didn’t help…)

I do think having a large mammal to chow food scraps/attract and entertain visitors is…an idea.

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Finally, it’s heartening to see garbage big boys Waste Management join the composting game. The firm launched a dedicated food waste route in San Diego–they’re now collecting from seven Albertson’s supermarkets and a few other places. And they are buying a dedicated food waste truck, so the composting program will likely expand.

WM is also testing a food waste-to-energy plant in Orange County. I suggest an orca.

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