Friday Buffet

Iowa State’s University Extension urges students to reduce waste as part of its Spend Smart, Eat Smart campaign. It includes a useful run-down on expiration date definitions.

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I am in no way surprised that a Portland culinary school teaches students to be smart about waste. I am a bit surprised that the Art Institute of Portland has a culinary school, though. (But I’m sure it’s a great one.)

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There’s a TV show on food waste in Britain? Why am I not surprised? Here’s a little recap of Great British Waste Menu. Hopefully there’ll be an American remake of this

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London’s Heathrow airport will turn its food waste into fertilizer? Well, basically, they’ll compost it. A few airports in the States already compost food scraps, but none as massive as Heathrow.

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Finally, a sad day for composting, as neighbors’ complaints will mean Las Vegas’ A1 Organics will soon lose its lease. I have no idea if they were doing things right, but if properly managed, composting plants shouldn’t smell.

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    The Great British Waste Menu did very good in the ratings, incidentally; even beating the football game on the other channel.

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