Old Edamame

We did a little fridge cleaning this weekend. And I unearthed this bag of frozen edamame that have been in our freezer since the Bush administration. Probably the son.

Not surprisingly, they looked bad.

Really bad.

A few had freezer burn, many were shriveled. I reluctantly made peace with putting them out to pasture (in the compost pile), but decided to do a little experiment before I did. I wanted to see just how bad they looked after cooking.

What began as more of a curiosity with a sliver of hope ended as another example of that age-old maxim: don’t judge a food by its appearance.

The (soy) beans inside looked great! I ate a whole bunch and they tasted the exact same as any other bag of frozen edamame I’ve ever had (i.e. fine, but not amazing).

P.S. If Wikipedia is to be believed, the Japanese word ‘edamame’ literally means “twig beans,” which I love.

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