Crunchy Composting

After hearing the news that SunChips were now sold in compostable bags–sorry, “‘chip package”–I finally got a chance to inspect a bag up-close and personal. I’m not much of a chip purchaser, but I was happy to kick the tires when a bag showed up in my kitchen yesterday.

My first reaction was: ‘Holy crap, this bag is loud.’ Then, I thought I was just being sensitive because my son was napping. Yet, I felt better after seeing this oh-so-validating explanation on the back of the bag:

Yet, in the future, SunChips, I would like a bit more clarification. I mean, most of the food scraps I compost couldn’t be classified as ‘loud.’ Perhaps I’ll call the 800 number on the bag…

That query aside, now comes the real test: will this bag decompose in my poorly-functioning compost bin. I’m guessing no because my pile doesn’t get that hot, and it has had a “compostable” cup as a pet for the last three years.

Has anyone actually had any experience–good or bad–composting these bags?

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