Well done, Oregon

Salem, Ore., began curbside compost collection last week. And the state capital seems to be making a real effort to do it right, if this super-useful Q & A is any indication.

Now I hear that the neighboring city of Keizer will start their own food waste collection on September 1. That’s great news. But it’s even more so becauseĀ  Marion County, home to Salem and Keizer, producesĀ  an above-average amount of food waste–20 percent.

And this encouraging development comes in the wake of Portland launching its own pilot program in April. Not to mention, this well-researched piece on the true cost of food waste that ran in The Oregonian on Friday.

Keep it up, Oregon. Next I expect to hear that you’re gleaning fruit trees or something like that…

P.S. I know, I know, the title doesn’t rhyme if you pronounce the state name the way locals do (the real way). But since I’d guess about half of America doesn’t…

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