Friday Buffet

First BOGOFL, then lagom. Am I going insane? Possibly, but these aren’t indications of that, just ideas from the world of food waste reduction.

To follow up on the Buy One Get One Free-Later idea, a poorly-worded survey found that 58 percent believe the ability to get the free item later would reduce supermarket waste. But…the idea is aimed at reducing household waste.

Also, here’s one objection to the idea, on the grounds that the retailer will profit when shoppers lose their vouchers or don’t use them. Even though I’m sure that will happen some, I still like the scheme if you can choose whether to get the item now or later. And I haven’t been able to get an answer on that.

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You cannot be serious! I know some of you think I should chill out on the food fight hating, but does anyone think a flinging aid needs to exist? (HT to the Non-Consumer Advocate, who I’m sure will not be buying one.)

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Glad to hear there has been an “overwhelmingly positive response” to trayless dining at Princeton. Here’s sophomore Erik Zyman on the change:

“It may be slightly less convenient, but I think we can all take a hit for the environment.”

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You tell ’em, Tristram!

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This “service” from a UK waste hauler is so messed up:

We are also able to offer a unique service for the secure destruction of retail packed food and drink products, with a certificate of destruction to ensure the finite destruction of products and complete peace of mind of our customers.

Because I know I won’t rest easy until my company’s food has been destroyed!

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