Lagom my Eggos!

A very loyal reader, OK, my wife, sent me this fascinating piece on foreign words without English counterparts. If you scroll down, you’ll reach lagom, Swedish for “just enough.”

Unlike the idea that “just enough” means “it’ll do”–which suggests some sort of lacking– lagom expresses that there is something that is “just right.” It is the perfect amount or size, no more, no less.  

photo by xxx via creative commonsIn the realm of food, this term would really help reduce waste. What a novel idea–that we can be content without having an excess.

Also, the piece passes along this excellent Swedish saying: “Enough is as good as a feast.” Sounds like a new tagline for this blog and reminds me of the Japanese concept of Mottainai.

I wonder if there’s a way to directly insert a foreign idea into American culture…While I ponder that, I’m off to discuss lagom with my favorite Swedish foodie.

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