Friday Buffet

Bon Appetit Management Company, primarily a college food service company, have already reached their year-end carbon reduction goals, including some admirable food waste reduction milestones. Kudos, guys.

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Two opposing Ivy League op-eds: one from the Yale Daily News that’s against waste and one from The Daily Princetonian that only occasionally makes sense.

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photo by natecardozo via creative commonsHere are a few tips, especially for those living alone, which does present its food waste challenges (I’m looking right at you, Trader Joe’s, with your abundance of packaged produce).

And here are a some more universal tips.

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An unfortunate storm-induced groundwater violation may shut down a long-time Maine composting operation. Here’s an interesting look at the Maine commercial composting scene, complete with this great quote:

St. Onge admits he’s no “tree-hugging, dirt-loving type,” but it satisfies him to play a role in returning organic waste to the earth.

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Happy Passover! Happy Easter! Go love yourself some dirt…

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