Game For Some Fun?

Here’s a first: a food waste video game.

In Gordon Brown and the Kingdom of the Wasters, you get to control the British Prime Minister as he tries to recover good food like bananas and cupcakes while avoiding rotten items like fish bones.

screenshot courtesy of T-EnterpriseApparently, dastardly opposition leader David Cameron is the one throwing away the good food. The goal is to catch Cameron and stop him from giving another press conference. Zelda, it’s not.

The game’s creators hoped it would provide some subtle ribbing. Sadia Chishti, managing director of the firm that created the online amusement, had this to say:

The game highlights the problem in a light hearted manner following Gordon Brown’s political fight to tackle food waste in Britain.

Still, I have to feel for Gordon Brown. While he spread the message in a politically naive, way, and it was perceived as lecturing, it’s a bit sad that a common sense idea like telling people not to waste food makes Brown a target for teasing.

Fun game, though! My top score is 168–anyone beat that?

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