“Feeding” Back

This coming Friday, thousands of Londoners will get a free lunch made from food that would otherwise have been tossed. Feeding the 5,000 returns to Trafalgar Square in a massive food waste awareness event.

London’s Mayor, celebrity chefs and food waste activist Tristram Stuart will all speak on Friday, raising awareness for the fact that roughly one third of the world’s food is wasted. And several worthy food rescue groups will participate in the noble undertaking.

It’s a fabulous event that communicates just how much food we discard and how that currently discarded food could be put to better use with more social and political will. Attendees or anyone visiting the site¬†can pledge to reduce their personal waste and businesses can do the same.

Feeding the 5K, in this guise, began in 2009. Hopefully the November edition will be warmer than the original December one!

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