More Buns

Last year, I wrote about having extra hamburger buns and turning them into French toast. And prior to that, I got some great ideas on what to do with extra hot dog buns. Well, this past weekend I found myself in a similar situation, only this time with sub rolls.

I bought the rolls to house the trusty brat/sauerkraut combo. Yet, I had to buy a six-pack of them because this grocer doesn’t sell its store-baked buns individually. (Lack of control on quantity can be a real waste-creator.) With a few extra hanging around, I decided that these pillowy rolls would make for an interesting French toast.

Taking a cue from the Sunny Side Cafe, I sliced off the tops to allow the bread to absorb more egg. Rest assured, theseĀ  trimmings were promptly eaten.

I was pretty pleased with the results, which I served with sauteed bananas, walnuts and cream cheese–my impromptu take on stuffed French toast that restaurants love so. You know what I love? French toast (as if you couldn’t tell).

Here are the before and after shots:

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