Food Fight! (for a good cause)

The last time I groused about how food fights are dispicable, many of you told me to lighten up. Well, I’ve found a variation on the “activity” that makes me much less cranky: Food Fights Against Food Waste!

This event, undertaken in Wales by these do-gooders, used food recovered from a dumpster. The practitioners aimed to bring attention to the problem of food waste (they blogged about it here). Interesting.

Now–you may be thinking, ‘why don’t they try to put some of that food to use?’ Then again, you might be of the opinion that the awareness the fight brings to waste is supercedes trying to put that food to use.

I think that the images of food as projectiles tends to be harmful–it devalues food. But…this is one kind of food fight that I can half-heartedly get behind. What do you make of this whole thing?

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