Friday Buffet

Vancouver implemented curbside food scrap composting yesterday, er…Earth Day. It’s limited to single family houses now and is only accepting some organic materials this year.

The city site has some nice promo posters, a video showing how composting is part of cooking and a 35% of home waste is food stat that seems a bit high. But the real question is: How do I get one of those amazing “Don’t Trash Your Food” t-shirts?

— —Bon Appetit promotional material found at Duke Univ.

Helene York of Bon Appetit Management Company writes about campus food waste in The Atlantic. She seems to underestimate the amount of leftovers (and food recovery groups’ ability to recover it) most schools have, but that’s probably because BAMCO does a great job reducing waste. Great headline, too.

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Hilton “Lightstay” sounds so…relaxing. More importantly, testing the system that calculates the hotel’s environmental impact led the New York Hilton to reduce their food waste, partly by donating leftovers.

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To follow up on Safeco Field composting, they’re doing really well in recycling food service ware. And the article also talks a bit about potential savings for restaurants that compost food scraps.image courtesy of Waste Farmers

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Composting operation Waste Farmers won Denver’s Green Business of the Year. Sweet logo, too. (HT The Grazing Mind)

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