Friday Buffet

Sunny sent a tip that ABC News will have a feature on food waste on Friday night. I’ll post a link when/if it’s online.

Update: the story ran on Saturday.

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Cheer up, Ivy Leaguers. Cornell’s NCAA tourney run may have ended, but at least Penn is composting its food waste (and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of taking 88,000 cars off the road).

The school’s composting is made easier by a new compost facility nearby in Wilmington, Del. As we discussed in the roundtable, the composting infrastructure–available composters and haulers–is a main barrier. But it’s coming along…

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Oh man. The city of London is now subsidizing food recovery?! The funding will keep food from the landfill, creating about 800,000 meals.

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Here’s a really in-depth profile of Ashley Stanley, the founder of Lovin’ Spoonfuls food recovery group, who just happens to hail from my hometown.

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