Friday Buffet

I was excited to see that Washington & Lee is recovering food at a Walmart! Nice to have some of those giant stores onboard. If they can do that nationwide, we’d really be getting somewhere.

While we’re at it, how cool is the Campus Kitchen at W & L?!

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Your meat scraps, please! Photo by Alaskan Dude via creative commons

Talk about a local answer for food waste: The Univ. of Alaska–Fairbanks sends excess proteins to dog mushers.
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Turns out it wasn’t such a great idea to kill all the Egyptian pigs that used to consume Cairo’s organic waste. Shocking.

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An article on San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium’s greening efforts included one encouraging line on food:

They also are looking at ways to reduce wasted food in the kitchens.

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Just up the road, L.A. is trying to divert leftovers from the Convention Center and other city-owned venues to the hungry. Why we wouldn’t do that?

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