Watching What You Eat?

I’m pretty psyched to see how the Meal Plan project progresses. In it, a Bryn Mawr student will upload photos of her dining hall tray after meals. (Sorry–trays, what are those?)

One thought: How much will the Heisenberg Effect, the idea that the act of observing alters what is being observed, impact the photos?

photo by girlgeek via Creative CommonsIf you know your leftovers will be photographed, won’t it affect how you select and eat food? I say it will, unless you have no conception that leaving food behind is generally frowned upon.

Taking a step back, the Heisenberg Effect can be a force for good here. That’s why I often advise keeping track of your waste for a week. The very process of watching what you waste makes you aware of your shortcomings and often prompts solutions. At the very least, it gets you thinking.

Plus, the whole Heisenberg thing gives me an excuse (albeit a weak one) to link to Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me.” So every time you’re about to throw out some food, think of that chorus (sung by Rockwell’s childhood friend, Michael Jackson).

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