Turning Blue Skies Gray

San Diego’s landfill trash has decreased 12 percent in the last year, partly because of decreased food waste. They’re receiving 15-year waste lows. Great news, right?

Not so fast, says NBC San Diego. In their take on the story, they find a way to make the sky fall. Instead of ‘reduced greenhouse gas emissions from less rotting waste,’ it’s ‘depressed landfill operators.’

photo by photographer 10 via Creative CommonsBoo hoo, poor landfill execs!

Hey, nobody wants to see empty city coffers, but here’s an idea, civic leaders: don’t tie your budget to wasteful practices. Let’s set up a system that provide incentives for citizens to cut their waste, instead of lamenting it.

Furthermore, let’s celebrate the reduced landfill contributions, like this article does. What happened to these days? That’s why California set a 50 percent waste reduction goal back in 1990.

One other thing: The original article specifically cites less eating out as the main factor for reduced food waste. I don’t doubt it, but I’d love to see the source for that tidbit.

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