Singing Toward Food Safety

A frequent question I get is ‘how can I avoid food waste?’ One part of the answer I don’t talk about enough is proper food storage.

Today, I came across this motherlode of food safety resources, courtesy of Clemson University. Wow.

For instance, there’s this general guide to freezing prepared foods or an indexed site in case you were curious about how best to freeze lemon curd. There are resources for restaurants, too.

photo courtesy of Univ. of California at DavisMost importantly, I’m grateful to the Clemson site for introducing me to Dr. Carl Winters’ amazing collection of food safety music.

Fair warning: some of these parodies might stay in your head longer than you’d hope. I’d steer clear of “Who Left the Food Out?” and jump right into “50 Ways to Eat Your Oysters.” Just heat ’em on the grill, Phil. Fry ’em in a pan, Stan…

And “U.S.D.A.” (to the tune of Y.M.C.A.) should play in the lobby of every Dept of Ag building.

Sheer awesomeness.

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