Dig It

Seeds of Change, a US and British seed seller, want you to Dig Your Dinner (and maybe even lunch).

They’ve launched a campaign (with cool graphics) to promote gardening. While you may not join the program (for £20) and receive their seeds, you can heed their message.

courtesy of Seeds of ChangeIn addition to the often-discussed benefits of gardening (eating really local, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, the ability to eat organic, propagating endangered varieties), I believe that growing your own food will reduce waste.

If you put in the time to reap and sow your own produce (not to mention setting up your beds, weeding, etc.), you’re less likely to let it go for naught. And while you may have an abundance of crops mid-summer, you’ll learn to cook and can or find neighbors happy to take handouts.

Seeds of Change’s message is a timely reminder, as now is a great time to start planning your garden. And a backyard plot (big or small!) makes a great new year’s resolution. So come on, people–can you dig it? (Couldn’t resist.)

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