New Year, New Resolutions

Believe it or not, another year is finished (again?). As we celebrate 2009’s beginning, let’s resolve to reduce food waste.

Because I doubt I can communicate my thoughts any better, here’s an op-ed I wrote in 2006.

In addition to recycling ideas from two years ago (recycle, reduce, reuse, right?!), I’m making a few new resolutions for my new compost bin (plastic made to look like terra cotta)2009:

  • Compost better. I’ve long composted, but not all that well. Up until now, I’ve been content to keep my food waste out of the trash. Now that I have one of these Terra composters, I’d like to actually make nutrient-dense soil because I plan to…
  • Garden. My new house has a nice backyard with raised beds. It’s time to flex those horticultural muscles.
  • Be a good parent and avoid waste without losing my mind. Wish me luck and please feel free to offer tips (there are sure to be more posts on the topic in 2009). I’m guessing it will involve lots of common sense, some portion control and eating some of the boy’s leftovers.

May your new year be sweet and your resolution strong!

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