Erase the Waste

Changes are afoot at the University of Florida. In addition to becoming more sustainable in general–with a goal of producing zero waste by 2015–Gator Dining Services just launched the “Erase the Waste” campaign.

The program focuses on getting students and staff to think about reducing food waste. Most schools don’t ask students to change their behavior, they just make wasting food (and overeating) more difficult by removing trays.

U. of F did that, too, going trayless this summer, and is now asking its students to go further by taking only what they’ll eat.image courtesy of Gator Dining The main component of the “Erase the Waste” campaign is getting students and employees to sign this pledge online and at campus dining halls:

I pledge to reduce my environmental footprint by incorporating some/all of the following practices into my life

–Take only what I know I will eat and go back for seconds.

–Properly plan trips to the grocery store to avoid over-buying.

–Compost food scraps at home.

–Grow my own produce or herbs to use as needed.

–Use leftovers for another meal or recipe.

While I’m not sure if the pledge is aimed at non-Gators (humans?), I signed it. I find it encouraging that they’re involving faculty and staff in the initiative, too. Because we all have a role to play in reducing waste.

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