Rotten Times

It’s too bad there’s nothing going on in our country, lately. Talk about some slow news days!

Sarcasm aside, it seems like now more than ever is a time to be frugal with food. I’m renewing my commitment to get folks to repurpose their leftovers. In other words, find new uses for foods that might go to waste.

Scrap Soup is an admirable undertaking, but probably not the best way to win new converts. Ditto for using smashed cherry pits to make ice cream (seriously!).

Bread pudding, on the other hand, can be a nice gateway recipe for by zesmerelda (via Flickr) It looks fancy. It doesn’t involve saving scraps, just old bread. And, most importantly, have you ever had bread pudding that wasn’t delicious?

Repurposing requires seeing value in what had previously been called “trash.” So shrimp shells can become shrimp broth. Old bread can make French toast, croutons, panzanella or bread pudding. And cherry pits are good for spitting contests an ice cream ingredient.

This week, few are saying that ‘life is like a bowl of cherries.’ To be sure, though, throwing away food is the pits.

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