Friday Buffet

Chairman Colonel. photo by Squeaky Marmot (via Creative Commons)Gotta love this well-executed leftovers humor, courtesy of The Onion.

Welcome news: Due to rising food prices, 62 percent of shoppers at the British chain Sainsbury’s are concerned about wasted food. Even more heartening, about 1/3 of those polled report that they’re doing something about it–by making food stretch over a couple of meals.

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Converted Organics is a Boston-based company that uses microbial (aerobic) digestion to turn food waste into compost it sells. Here’s an interesting interview with their CEO, Ed Gildea.

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Here’s an editorial celebrating the composting success in my neck of the woods and pushing for an expansion into Winston-Salem.

— —photo by Sparky Leigh (via Creative Commons)

Finally, I’m going camping this weekend, so I couldn’t resist passing this along: Proper disposal of food waste is vital for avoiding bears.

(Any article that rhymes ‘bear’ with ‘derrière’ gets my nod of approval.)

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