A Week’s Worth of Waste

True to her name, The Frugal Girl is attempting to not waste any food in her home. She’s illustrating her progress by posting photos of her weekly food waste on her blog.

photo courtesy of The Frugal GirlI admire Frugal Girl’s goal and her being brave enough to broadcast her waste online. In her most recent recap, she talks of wanting to have a no-waste week. While zero food waste is a noble goal, it’s nearly impossible to achieve.

As I’ve mentioned before, I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to avoid waste and still have to compost a decent amount of food (half-used bunches of cilantro come to mind). Of course, while eliminating food waste is really difficult, it’s not hard to send zero waste to the landfill by composting.

My point is this: I’d hate for someone to not try to reduce their food waste because they think they’ll never reach that mythical “zero waste” level. Any improvement is a positive.

As Voltaire said, “The perfect is the enemy of the good.”

Side note: I came across the above quotation in this fascinating, long(!) article on private deportations of illegal immigrants by hospitals. Funny part was that the Florida circuit judge who voiced Voltaire’s logic mangled and misattributed it:

“As Aquinas once stated, ‘The good is not the enemy of the perfect,’ ”

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