Today Day

In case you missed it, here is today’s Today segment on food waste that featured yours truly:

It was downright thrilling to see the issue of food waste on national TV. And it was fun, yet surreal watching myself play the role of “talking head” as I experienced my 15 minutes 15 seconds 8 seconds of fame.

More than anything, I’m excited to see food waste receive the attention it deserves. I’m hoping the piece brings further coverage and nudges the issue more into the national dialogue.

I was really happy the piece illustrated food rescue, by accompanying City Harvest on a local pickup and drop off. More people should know what wonders food recovery groups work (and, I’d add, that they exist nationwide).

And I really liked the neat Madison Square Garden graphic–that was one of those ‘picture says a thousand words’ moments.

The homemade pesto mom raised an interesting point about saving leftovers only to throw them away two days later. If you find yourself doing that, try planning a leftover night, cooking half the recipe or serving smaller portions.

Also, I wonder how long that nice, guilt-delaying woman cleaned her fridge before the film crew arrived. I know it’d take me a while to make mine presentable.

Most of all, I’m wondering how much candy it took to bribe that little boy to say, “I don’t want this pasta.” Oh, and I loved how they used that fun font to spell out his quote (pictured).

Anyway, I could go on for hours, but I’m curious: What did you think of the piece? What did it do well or not well?

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