Refrigerator Recommendations

When people ask me how they can reduce their personal food waste, I often point them to five basic tips.

But this recent piece in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette provides more specific advice on how best to use your fridge and handle food. For instance, this pointer:

Expiration dates are most often “sell by” or “best by” dates rather than “don’t use after” dates. They ensure quality rather than safety, partly because when food goes bad it often has a lot more to do with how it’s handled once you take it home and when you open the package…

Cats are best stored on the bottom by Eugenia y Julian (flickr)Or this bit on mold:

If the mold is black, throw it out. If it’s blue, green or white, cut (or scoop) it out down to about an inch away from the moldy area.

Most interesting to me were the refrigerator tips. Of course, as dedicated readers know, Wasted Food can offer more specific cheese storage advice.

Here are three things I learned from this article:

1. Use older eggs for baking, not breakfast (eating them plain)

2. Butter absorbs flavors easily, so keep it separate from other foods

3. We store condiments in the fridge door for good reason, but shouldn’t keep milk there.

What did you take from the article? If you have wisdom to impart on avoiding waste please share it with us on the Tips page. Or if you write a blog post on the topic, I’d love to pass it along.

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