Friday Buffet

Mandatory food waste recycling in San Francisco? It hasEven giants recycle food in SF  (photo by pengren via Flickr) been voluntary for a few years (using green bins like this minature on the right), but if Mayor Gavin Newsom’s plan is accepted, separation of household food scraps will be required. Seattle has already committed to that course of action by 2009.

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Here are some useful hints on how to avoid food waste at this blog and more here at Love Food, Hate Waste, which lets you search recipes based on which foods “need using up.” One question: who has trouble using up chocolate??

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The answer, comes from the ridiculously detailed UK report, The Food We Waste. Britons waste 7,800 tonnes of “chocolate/sweets (full packs)” and 1,000 tonnes of “chocolate desserts” at a combined cost of almost £50 million ($97.5 million).

For a more digestible version of the study, check out the executive summary.

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Staying in Britain, the Daily Mail ran an entertaining food waste diary written by a North London woman. Not to spoil it, but 36-year-old Ursula Hirschkorn tosses about half the groceries she bought for her family of four. After a wedge of brie goes bad in her fridge, she writes:

Now, I am all for good, smelly cheese, but this smelt like the contents of one of Max’s dirtier nappies. That will teach me for impulse buying — it makes the trip from store to swing bin without even being unwrapped.

And this humorous bit:

As I feared, the vegetable drawer contains the gooey remains of a cucumber, a couple of split cherry tomatoes and some suspicious looking mushrooms. I am not sure if the fungi were bought, or simply evolved in this primordial swamp.

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