International friends

My wife and I recently saw a friend who updated us on an acquaintance who started a non-profit in Kenya. One Acre Fund helps poor Kenyans feed themselves by helping them grow and sell crops. You know, the people whose hunger necessitates your cleaning your plate. (No pressure!)

A few days later, I was saddened to hear about the unrest in Kenya. Then almost as saddened to hear about the food waste caused by the violence.

In Koibatek, thousands of litres of milk are going to waste because farmers cannot reach the market due to insecurity.

the majestic kiwiOn a happier note, My wife and I have a friend visiting from New Zealand, where we spent an eye-opening, blustery year in Wellington. There’s a lot to love about Aotearoa. In addition to Flight of the Conchords, they’ve given us Zoo Doo.

And more germane to this blog, I just heard that any excess animal food at the Auckland Zoo is fed to worms at the on-site worm farm. I’ve never known animals to not finish their food; must be that the kiwi eats like a bird. 

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