Friday Buffet

photo by Darwin Bell (via Flickr)Those crazy Brits are at it again, using chocolate waste (an oxymoron?) to power vehicles. The BioTruck team converts it into biodiesel and drove all the way to Timbuktu on the choco-fuel in “the world’s first carbon-negative expedition.”

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Staying in Britain, The Times has an interesting profile of the queen of food recycling, WRAP’s Liz Goodwin.

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As reported in this Kansas mom’s blog, a Chinese buffet there has posted an interesting sign:

It said they reserved the right to charge you extra if you had a large amount of wasted food left on your plate. It warned the customers against excessive waste to reduce costs for everyone.

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Finally, here’s a nice profile of Arizona food recovery group Waste Not to warm the heart. Wonder if the Iowa food recovery groups (like Table to Table) were working overtime last night. I’m sure there was plenty of food uneaten at those high school gyms, churches and living rooms we kept hearing about.

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