08 Food Waste Wishes

photo by marc e mark (via Flickr)It’s 2008, y’all (Happy New Year!), and high time to cut the amount of food going down the drain. Here are eight wishes for preventing food waste in this year:

1. Wal-Mart resumes food donations of edible but unsellable goods (The store halted its program two years ago).

2. More cities and towns follow the lead of Seattle, which will require food waste recycling at homes starting in 2009. I don’t know about requiring, but at least facilitating it would be a start.

3. The Federal Food Donation Act of 2007 passes, even if it’s in 2008. The House passed the bill, introduced by Jo Ann Emerson Bill, in December. Come on, Senators!

4. Restaurants follow the lead of T.G.I. Friday’s and offer smaller portions (at smaller prices). I’m so happy about this move that I’m willing to ignore T.G.I.’s bald motives of enticing more weeknight customers and pushing them to order appetizers and dessert when they do. Almost.

5. The USDA and/or EPA do something…anything…to deal with food waste. They haven’t touched the issue since Clinton and Joel Berg left Washington. By contrast, a public-private partnership in Britain has created WRAP and their excellent Love Food, Hate Waste site.

6. Readers like you make changes to their daily habits to produce less food waste and/or compost what’s left. It doesn’t take much effort and I’d never ask you to do anything drastic.

7. Food waste composting becomes more common for municipalities and counties. Town by town, it’s gathering steam…  

8. Anaerobic digestion takes off as a way of transforming food waste to energy. On that note, tomorrow I start working for a company planning to do so. Wish me luck!

Note: Due to said employment, posting may be less frequent. I’m planning to maintain my weekday posting, but there’s no chance in Hell we’ll see what the new year has in store…

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