Friday Buffet

In case you haven’t read it, check out this incredibly sensible Michael Pollan op-ed on the farm bill. He argues that the long-standing federal farm policy subsidizes fats and sugars, increasing obesity rates and making processed foods cheaper.

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An employee at Panera Bread blogged about sandwich shop food waste. OK, so maybe I requested she write about the topic (in a comment on her site). In addition to explaining what’s wasted at the bakery-restaurant chain, it may confirm what you’d feared the people behind the counter think about you.

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The Sustainable Endowment Institute recently graded the top U.S. colleges in sustainability. While they paid very little attention to food waste, their college sustainability report card is interesting nonetheless. Check page 16 for the food category.

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Finally, this is new to me: a restaurant where you choose your portion size and what you want to pay. That’s how it works at Salt Lake City’s One World Cafe. While they’re not the only restaurant to operate this way, minimizing food loss is part of their strategy:

Because our customers choose their own prices, their portions tend to be more mindful and reflect that they will actually want to eat, with the result being little or no food waste.

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