Friday Buffet

Some Britons have called for a return to World War II era values. Hmm. If that means being more careful with our food, I’m all for it. If it means eating more bubble and squeak–pass.

— —

Random food waste note of the week:

Weddings in Kyrgyzstan avoid food waste by making sure leftovers are split amongst attendees.

Each guest is given a sizable portion, but since it impossible to finish the food you are Kyrgyz girl, photo by US State Dept.given, after a few small bites, someone distributes plastic shopping bags for you to fill with not only the food in front of you, but all of the extra food on the table. Everyone leaves with packages of fruit, borsok (fried bread), candy, wedding cake and lamb.

I’m pretty sure that’s borsok in the picture to the right. Mmm…borsok.

— —

Love Food, Hate Waste. I do. 

And I can now say that I’ve seen a pear cry.

— —

Finally, this photo represents the food waste footprint of one brave blogger, La Marguerite. I admire La Marguerite’s honesty and sympathize with how quickly dressed salads wilt. Also, I think she should get a dog.


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