The Weekly Waste Word: Leftover Love

Britain is going food waste wild.

From England to Scotland to Northern Ireland to Scotland again and again, food waste is in the news. This is mostly due to the recently released statistic that Britons waste one third of the food they buy.

This factoid comes from WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) that I’m told is a “quango.” Thanks to Wikipedia, I know that that means it’s a QUasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organization.

WRAP’s excellent Love Food, Hate Waste site, which I highlighted Friday but deserves another shout-out (right, Mr. Safire?), has some great ideas for reusing leftovers to avoid waste.

But rather than me bore you with ideas, why not let Sorella Hampton of Britain’s Women’s Institute provide a leftover idea via this video on how to make egg fried rice with leftover veggies. The Women’s Institute hopes to curb waste through a return to post-war values.

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