Friday Buffet

If your pumpkin wasn’t smashed Regardless of whether your pumpkin was smashed or is whole, you can compost it. If you live in San Francisco, you can convert it to energy. Me? I’ll be roasting and eating mine…

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British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s is now sending all of its food waste to anaerobic digesters (to create energy). Bravo!

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And speaking of anaerobic digestion, or biodigesters, there’s one in “the kitchen of the future,” allowing it to run on leftovers.

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Notre Dame’s Waste-Free Wednesdays are back this year, after a successful run last November raising awareness and lowering waste. The best news: the starting measure of 4.63 ounces of food waste per student per meal is about 25 percent less than last year’s baseline figure.

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