First Impression: Impressed

This summer, I’m living in Boulder, Colorado at my wife’s behest. Well, her job’s behest.

I’m excited about the opportunity for two reasons:

1. Mountains

2. Composting

While I’ve been composting for more than six years, this marks the first time I’ll have lived somewhere with municipal composting. As in–roll a bin of food waste to the curb every week and the city takes it to a composting facility.

The city and county of Boulder have composting service built into their regular trash service. The City even has a waste reduction master plan and has declared itself a zero waste community.

I arrived on Friday, and realized I was in a different place the following day at the ridiculously vibrant farmers’ market. Composting (and recycling) stations abounded. (No word yet on whether a food recovery group rescuing food from the market a la Farmer Foodshare.)

Later this week, I will address the County’s Resource Conservation Advisory Board. I’m excited to talk (food) trash with such an enlightened bunch. Looking further ahead, this blog will reflect upon this summer’s experience.

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