No Treats from this Trick

Given the name of this blog, I can’t condone the practice of shooting pumpkins at a bus.

But I can’t get too worked up about it, either. Especially when it produces the same end result as a jack-o-lantern: an uneaten pumpkin. Enjoy this odd scene…

Incidentally, a researcher of a soon-to-be published study told me that fresh pumpkin is the most wasted food in households. More than 60 percent isn’t consumed. Not hard to imagine why…

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    At least he’s shooting them into the field so the nutrients return to the soil. I grew up with a potato cannon – we shot cull apples out of it. When you’ve got a lot of something round might as well shoot it out of a cannon. Relatively small impact on food waste and global warming (ours was powered by ether), waste for sure but not the low hanging fruit.

    The bit about pumpkin being the most wasted food in households is interesting. Is it that people waste more of a pumpkin (60% of each pumpkin) vs wasting a tomato (maybe 10% of each tomato)? Since I’d guess most people only have halloween pumpkins it can’t be the most wasted food by volume is it?

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    I hadn’t thought about the waste associated specifically to pumpkins though it does bring lots of cheer to folks of all ages. I wonder, do holidays in general, result in more food that is wasted since often so much extra food is cooked on special occasions?

    Thanks for posting the video!


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    Christopher–I hear ya on the cannons. Better that the blasted stuff ends up in a field where it’ll get plowed under. And I’m not a total curmudgeon.

    As for the stat, the study hasn’t come out yet, so I don’t know for sure. But I would guess that it’s amount of the total weight eaten. So it’s likely by weight, not volume.

    Hey Fred. I enjoyed the piece you guys shot. Not a huge deal with the waste, obviously. As for holidays, I do think there’s more waste then. We tend to seek and prepare an abundance. That’s fine if people are good about the leftovers…

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    Hi Jon,
    I brought your book and I love it. It sure did wake me up. I have been working on the waste in our home for a while now. However your book has taken it to a whole new level. I am planning to do a review on my blog. Would you like to give away a sign copy?
    Thanks so much for writing a wonderful and inspiring book.
    Elizabeth Quigley

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    The waste brought on by Jack O’Lanterns has bothered me for a while… Then the local squirrels took a shining to them and it didn’t seem so bad. But I have stopped carving pumpkins. I just make a display of pumpkins and squashes for All Hallows’, and proceed to eating them throughout the winter.

    But it is distressing to think that farmers put so much work and fertilizers into a crop that often ends up in the garbage.

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    Hi Elizabeth,
    Glad to hear you enjoyed the book. Thanks so much for writing a review. I’ll get in touch about a book giveaway.

    Dahlia, I like your solution to Halloween. I can see where you’re coming from on the carved pumpkins, but you could argue that the pumpkins are being used when they’re turned into Jack-o-lanterns. They’re not being eaten, but are used nonetheless. And in this case, I think that’s fine. It might be one of the few exceptions where not eating a food doesn’t seem quite so bad.

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    I’m sorry, but this video makes me sad. There are so many people in this world that are hungry and have no idea where their next meal is coming from.

    Leave it to us Americans to rub our plenty in their faces.

    Sad. Very Sad.

    Personally, I turn my Jack-O-Lanterns into pumpkin soup or pumpkin fries or pumpkin pie or pumpkin protein bars or….. whatever else I can dream up to keep my pumpkins from going to waste. Sad that more people don’t make the effort. It’s not difficult to bake a pumpkin.

  8. MIke
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