A Different Passover Story

My wife, son and I were invited to a Passover seder at our friends’ house and were tasked with bringing a dessert or two.

I flipped through a Passover cookbook and decided on chocolate macaroons. It only had five ingredients, and macaroons are always the best Passover dessert. The recipe called for 3 egg whites, coconut, ground almonds, some sugar and chocolate. Keep that in mind.

As I kept flipping for an accompanying sweet, I came across this sentence under the walnut cookies:

This is a good way to use egg yolks left over from macaroons and meringues.


While an excess of egg yolks is a familiar Passover problem, it can occur at other times of the year (as meringue fans will attest). It raises an important point for any time one part of an egg or any food is requried: find a complimentary recipe. If you whites, you really should give this macaroon recipe a shot. 

The walnut cookies (nowhere near as good as the macaroons) called for 4 yolks. So that left me with an extra egg white. After a moment of strategizing, it promptly became the main portion ofsmile--it's lunchtime! my son’s lunch. [note–I rarely go the cute route with his foods, but couldn’t resist here].

One other tip: After years of being frustrated by egg whites’ refusal to let go and drop out of the egg separator, I found a decent solution. Snip the dangling strands of egg with a scissors.

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